Nursing Trends to Expect in 2021

Nursing Trends to Expect in 2021

The healthcare industry evolves daily, as do jobs such for those considering a nursing career. As a new nurse, it's essential that before you enter the healthcare industry, you're aware of what nursing in 2021 will look like as you move forward.

Below you're going to find the most recent healthcare trends. Preparing you to be successful as you begin this new journey. Being aware of these trends is going to prove beneficial, especially since COVID-19 has taken hold globally.

Greater Job Demand

With many healthcare facilities being at capacity due to the pandemic, it's created a need for more healthcare professionals, including nurses. Even after the pandemic dissolves, there will still be a need to fill these positions.

The turnover rate for nurses is 17.2%, causing hospitals to exhaust costs to cover this turnover. Many nurses leave their positions because they are overworked, aren't satisfied with their jobs, or aren't paid enough.

The greater job demand could mean incentives. Such as higher pay and better hours for those that apply for these open positions.

Increase in Online Education

With the job shortage occurring, another trend that you can expect is an increase in online education programs. This allows people to safely social distance while earning their certification from the comfort of their home.

Another bonus to online education programs is that a nurse, such as yourself, can earn their degree in half the time it would take to earn if you were attending classes in-person.

This is because you can work through courses at your own pace. Online education programs are increasing in popularity because it allows people to earn a higher degree without interfering with work commitments.

Practice Authority

The world needs nurses now. With that being said, several states have begun to allow newly graduated nurses to practice with complete authority.

This means that you're able to practice without any restrictions or at the very least having some sort of supervision from a superior.

This is a trend because people are needed to cover the influx of patients visiting hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the nation.

Increase in Telehealth Services

Telehealth gives patients the ability to get the care they need without physically coming into the office. This form of healthcare has been in the works for some time. Telehealth is taking a front seat role because of the pandemic.

Facilities are creating portals that are user-friendly to give patients the ability to do things like:

  • Access medical charts
  • Make/cancel appointments
  • Attend virtual appointments
  • Request medication refills

Telehealth is useful because administrative assistants in healthcare facilities don't have the same amount of time that they used to have. It makes it easier for them to tend to patients in the office without compromising the care that patients at home are receiving.

Telehealth has also seen a rise in chatbot usage. Chatbots are programmed to answer patient questions promptly.

This reduces the time that a patient would normally spend waiting for an email or callback from a healthcare provider.

More Bilingual Nurses

There are 44.9 million immigrants in the United States, and that number increases daily. Immigrants come from places where the native tongue isn't English. For this reason, more bilingual nurses will be sought after in the nursing field.

Bilingual nurses will bridge the language gap barrier. Making it easier for patients to communicate with their healthcare team.

When time is of the essence, speaking with someone who understands you helps you get the care you need quickly. It also helps patients feel more comfortable.

Nurse Job Specialization

Nurses will begin to look more into specializing in different things other than being registered nurses. If you've been in the healthcare field for a while, you understand that different color scrubs often characterize different nursing positions.

Specializing in different areas provides more employment opportunities and, in many cases, a higher paying salary.

Focus on Holistic Care

Holistic medicine identifies that each patient is different. These differences mean that each patient needs a specific type of care to treat their entire being.

While not all facilities have adopted the holistic medicine model, many patients are seeking out providers that do practice it. As time continues, there will be an emergence of practices following a holistic model to deliver medicine and care to their patients.

Emphasis on Nurse Mental and Physical Health

One of the challenges that nurses continue to face is the toll this career takes on them mentally and physically. Long hours require repetition of movements that can cause injury and stress.

During the pandemic, many nurses face mental health issues. Such as depression resulting from the number of people dying daily because of COVID.

As time continues, more emphasis and resources will be dedicated to ensuring that nurses maintain their health mentally and physically as they continue to work in this career field.

Without these resources, nurses will continue to face job burnout, and the turnover rate could increase.

Nursing Trends: What Happens in 2021

Several nursing trends will emerge as 2021 gets underway. Trends such as telehealth services continuing to evolve and be offered to patients.

Another trend you can expect to continue is nurses specializing in various areas. Speaking of specializing, you'll need some new scrubs once your position changes.

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